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Tuesday, June 21
Sally Pipes JPEGSally C Pipes
Pacific Research Institute

The Truth about Obamacare and How to Dismantle it


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  • Hillary and Trump

    What happened when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ran into each other? Donald leans over, and with a smile on
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  • Proposition 50 -- NO

    Put on the ballot by Democrat legislators to give them option NOT TO EXPEL fellow Democrat Assembly members and Senators
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  • Marin Measure AA

    San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority’s Measure AA on the June 2016 ballot carries a long list of harms.
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  • Billions in New Bonds

    Billions in new bonds should have voter approval. Stop Blank Checks initiative requires voter approval for state bonds over $2 billion.
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Most Americans think that the federal government is incompetent and wasteful. Their negative view is not surprising given the steady stream of scandals emanating from Washington. Scholarly studies support the idea that many federal activities are misguided and harmful. A recent book on federal performance by Yale University law professor Peter Schuck concluded that failure is “endemic.” What causes all the failures?

First, federal policies rely on top-down planning and coercion. That tends to create winners and losers, which is unlike the mutually beneficial relationships of markets. It also means that federal policies are based on guesswork because there is no price system to guide decision making. A further problem is that failed policies are not weeded out because they are funded by taxes, which are compulsory and not contingent on performance.

Second, the government lacks knowledge about our complex society. That ignorance is behind many unintended and harmful side effects of federal policies. While markets gather knowledge from the bottom up and are rooted in individual preferences, the government’s actions destroy knowledge and squelch diversity.

Third, legislators often act counter to the general public interest . . .




Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is not your typical Millennial. At the age of 31, she’s already a member of Congress, where the average age is 60. She’s also the youngest woman ever elected to Congress in US history.YoungestCongresswoma1n

It might sound odd that such a young female succeeded in getting elected to a legislature historically dominated by old white men.

Still, it’s extremely impressive what Congresswoman Stefanik has been able to accomplish, but she remains very modest about it. In her view, being the youngest female member of Congress in US history is not just an honor, it’s a tremendous responsibility. She said,

It's an incredibly humbling experience. I didn't know I would be the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. The media started covering this after I won my primary and an interesting thing started happening at campaign events — moms and dads started bringing their young daughters… and for many of these families this was their first time at political rallies. [These parents] wanted to show their young daughters a role model and an example of what they could achieve… For me that's incredibly humbling, and I do take my role seriously as a role model.


Coming Events


Marin County Channel 26 will carry a debate moderated by Shirley Graves between Greg Brockbank (Democrat activist) and Morgan Kelley (NRWF President). Understand the issues and views of both parties on the June election local issues.

government issuesWatch in Novato throughout May every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. and every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. on Channel 26. For the rest of the county, tune in Monday, May 23, at 9:00 p.m. or Tuesday, May 24, at 3:00 p.m. also on Channel 26. Also watch on the internet at