Novato Republican Women, Federated

Tuesday, September 20
Ward Connerly
Founder & President,
American Civil Rights Institute

ward 1 240x300Rebuilding America in the Post-Obama Era


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Most Americans think that the federal government is incompetent and wasteful. Their negative view is not surprising given the steady stream of scandals emanating from Washington. Scholarly studies support the idea that many federal activities are misguided and harmful. A recent book on federal performance by Yale University law professor Peter Schuck concluded that failure is “endemic.” What causes all the failures?

First, federal policies rely on top-down planning and coercion. That tends to create winners and losers, which is unlike the mutually beneficial relationships of markets. It also means that federal policies are based on guesswork because there is no price system to guide decision making. A further problem is that failed policies are not weeded out because they are funded by taxes, which are compulsory and not contingent on performance.

Second, the government lacks knowledge about our complex society. That ignorance is behind many unintended and harmful side effects of federal policies. While markets gather knowledge from the bottom up and are rooted in individual preferences, the government’s actions destroy knowledge and squelch diversity.

Third, legislators often act counter to the general public interest . . .




Trailblazer Mia Love, a Utah Congresswoman in her recent op-ed published online for The Daily Caller, Mia Love writes: “Throughout history, and without fanfare, women have fought in our wars, teachers have inspired our youth, and generations of women have committed their lives to making this nation great.” The daughter of immigrants, Love’s election in 2014 to the People’s House Mia Love crophappens to also mark a number of firsts in Congress — she is the first African American female Republican, the first Haitian American, and the first African American from Utah.

“Women have accomplished many things throughout history. Women have successfully fought for a stronger country, influencing public policy, building viable institutions, championing for human rights and equal opportunities for all. We celebrate these triumphs, in spite of women being frequently overlooked and undervalued. And the struggle for equality continues. I am honored to be serving in the 114th Congress as the first female, black Republican member of the House of Representatives, and I hope I will not be the last. I honestly feel that, because of the hard work of those who came before me in history, I am truly evaluated by my accomplishments and what I bring to the table — not by my race or gender.”

As House Republicans build an agenda for a more confident America, we celebrate the trailblazers like Rep. Love who are making history for our next generation of leaders.


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