November 15 Speaker Luncheon

Novato Republican Women

Allison Olson,

                              California Federation of Republican Women Allison1Advocate

                             Social Media Impact on Politics Today

Fake news, Bots, “Likes”, Tweets .... the way Americans receive information is rapidly changing and this impacts our politics. New technologies are influencing how decisions are made in often non-obvious ways. When asked to explain two major
political upsets, the Brexit vote and the Trump victory, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair responded, “Populism isn’t new....What is new is social media. Social media changes totally the way politics works.” We welcome back our CFRW Advocate, Allison Olson, to help us better understand what is meant when we hear the term “social media” and explain how each of us can influence political discourse with this tool. She will offer specifics so attendees may want to bring their iPad or internet-connected device. Allison is an effective communicator who has a great knowledge of politics. She authors action alerts and weekly issue updates as the CFRW Legislative Advocate in Sacramento. With the support of volunteer legislative analysts, Allison follows legislation from committee hearings through the voting process. Based in the Sacramento area, she knows state legislators and policy makers, serves as our liaison and advocates for CFRW official endorsements. She reports these insights to 200 Republican clubs across our state as well as internet followers. Allison is a UC Davis graduate and currently is serving on the Yolo County Republican Central Committee.