May 2018 Speaker Luncheon

Novato Republican Women


                          John Cox,Cox

                                        Republican Candidate for Governor

                                     “The Neighborhood Legislature Initiative
                                      and the California Governor’s Race”

                             Tuesday, May 15, 2018

      11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.  |  500 Country Club Drive, Novato
Members $28  |  Non-members $32


      “In a Fox News op-ed titled, “California may elect a Republican governor -- Incredible as that sounds,” Newt Gingrich writes that GOP candidate John Cox is “within striking distance” of front runner Gavin Newsom. Gingrich cites a recent Public Policy Institute of California poll that found that Cox has surged into second place behind Newsom, and notes that a quarter of the poll’s participants were undecided.”
John Cox is a successful businessman, not a politician. Seeing the dangerous direction our Sacramento leaders are taking our state, Cox is fighting back. In an attempt to take power from the Sacramento stranglehold and return it to local communities, Cox championed the Neighborhood Legislature Initiative. This state initiative proposed to increase the number of state legislative representatives and cut the legislature’s funding. The initiative failed to qualify but did show to Californians that Cox will fight for creative change in our state. He calls himself a “Jack Kemp style Republican,” and has put $4 million of his own funds into his campaign for governor.
      The Cox campaign website ( summarizes, if we need any reminders, why Californians should vote Republican for change:
We have the highest income tax rate in the nation and rank dead last in friendliness to business. We have the highest poverty rate in the country. Our unfunded public pension liability is double that of any other state and we haven’t even begun to fund our huge public retiree health care liability. Our regressive taxes are hurting the middle class, with the highest state sales tax, and outrageously high traffic fines and utility rates, AND if you felt under-taxed before, the California Legislature recently passed an incredible $52 Billion gas tax increase.
      John Cox has four daughters and lives in San Diego County with his wife, Sarah. He is involved there with charitable organizations and the Nativity Catholic Church.
      Come hear Mr. Cox share how he will lead our state.