Susan Miller

Susan Miller

Saturday, 08 August 2020 18:34

CalPIRS Resignation

Actually recruited to this position by the Chinese Communist Party, CalPERS Investment Chief with ‘Long and Cozy Relationship with China’ Resigns

Saturday, 08 August 2020 18:25

King Newsom?

Gov. Newsom’s ‘chronically delinquent’ property taxes and unreported income must be investigated. Dubious $3.7 million home deal
Monday, 03 August 2020 14:42

What's in a Name?

Attorney General Xavier Becerra sued over deceptive and biased proposition titles for Nov. ballot.

Monday, 03 August 2020 14:28

Prop. 15 Deception

Prop. 15 will eliminate the ceiling on commercial property taxes and require all commercial property taxes to be immediately re-assessed.

Monday, 15 June 2020 21:11

California Budget Woes

Dems pass budget that assures they will get paid. Republicans say cuts necessary.

Monday, 15 June 2020 16:19

AF Vet in CA-3

Air Force veteran Tamika Hamilton is running for Congress in California’s 3rd District. Donate at
Monday, 15 June 2020 15:35

CA Homes Targeted

California homes fliying American flag targeted by arsonists. Flags burned.

Saturday, 06 June 2020 17:44

Vote-by-mail suit

RNC, NRCC and CA GOP request injunction against Newsom order for vote by  mail. Fear of extreme vote fraud.

Saturday, 06 June 2020 15:30

SFPD Cut Proposal

Breed, Walton vow to redirect Police Department funding to support black communities. Mayor to submit 2-yr. budget Aug. 1.
Sunday, 24 May 2020 15:44

Covid Conundrum

For Newsom, the science didn’t change, but the economics and politics sure did. The Democrats may have to give up their big-spending dreams and the pension funds could start circling the drain.
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