Illinois has the lowest credit rating, highest property taxes, highest unemployment rate, one of the worst school funding systems in America, and hasn’t balanced its budget for over a decade. On top of our current challenges, Illinois has been plagued with corruption at every level of government. . . .  After 12 years of Democratic rule, Illinois now has a Republican Governor. . . That change also led to shifts in state government . . .

. . . our party cannot afford to wait to reach our generation. Our message is good, but too often our messengers don’t reflect the diversity of our party or the diversity of our nation. We are the party of opportunity, of innovation, of personal freedom and of personal responsibility. We are the party for entrepreneurs and start-ups. We are the party for those who want government out of our business and out of our way. We are also a compassionate party that believes that the best way to truly care for the most vulnerable is rarely through clunky bureaucracy. We are the party of the next generation, and we, as the Republican Party, are not the party of waiting our turn. Avery Bourne 1466700390 Content Consumption Large

Meet a new generation of Republican women leaders exemplified by Avery Bourne, Illinois House of Representatives.