At a time when government is viewed as out of touch, women bring alternative priorities to public life that resonate with the everyday concerns of Americans. Women work out compromises. Women are ethical. Women will fight to improve Americans’ quality of life. Women just may be our best tool to reverse growing trends of voter fatigue and frustration with government.

Yet, in today’s Congress, and indeed across most sectors of leadership, women are severely underrepresented.

Winning For Women is a 501(c)(4) supporting women leaders who believe in free-market principles and a strong national defense. Winning For Women aims to: Inform the public of national security and free-market policy that will benefit the lives of all Americans, organize and amplify the voices of women across the country who embrace such, broadening the audience for a strong conservative message, and expand the ability of right-of-center women to succeed in their pursuit of leadership opportunities, including elected office.

Winning For Women’s connected federal PAC will support free-market conservative women running for federal office. Visit the Winning for Women site to see our wonderful woman candidates for 2018.

Winning for Women