Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is not your typical Millennial. At the age of 31, she’s already a member of Congress, where the average age is 60. She’s also the youngest woman ever elected to Congress in US history.YoungestCongresswoma1n

It might sound odd that such a young female succeeded in getting elected to a legislature historically dominated by old white men.

Still, it’s extremely impressive what Congresswoman Stefanik has been able to accomplish, but she remains very modest about it. In her view, being the youngest female member of Congress in US history is not just an honor, it’s a tremendous responsibility. She said,

It's an incredibly humbling experience. I didn't know I would be the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. The media started covering this after I won my primary and an interesting thing started happening at campaign events — moms and dads started bringing their young daughters… and for many of these families this was their first time at political rallies. [These parents] wanted to show their young daughters a role model and an example of what they could achieve… For me that's incredibly humbling, and I do take my role seriously as a role model.