My name is Tamisha Pride and I work in the Detroit field office for the Republican Party. It wasn’t long ago that I considered myself a liberal. But that all changed when I had real conversations with local Republicans who blew all of tamisha GOPmy stereotypes about the Party out of the window.

As we discussed different topics and views, it finally hit home that we wanted the same things: fewer restrictions that hold people back and more jobs and opportunity for hard working Americans to succeed. When the opportunity to join the Republican Leadership Initiative came up, I jumped at the chance. My experience with the GOP has been a true pleasure and I look forward every day to help any way I can. They have been great partners in efforts to advance opportunity in my community. And, I am excited to join them to help more people understand what the Republican Party really stands for.  

If you are looking for ways to make a difference, this is your chance. Become an RLI Fellow and increase your impact this election. All of us together can make victory happen, one conversation at a time.

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