Republican women are offering real solutions for American families. One of our leaders is Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska who is working with both sides of the aisle to help women pay the bills and meet the challenges RTR36SXU edited Content Consumption Largethey face every single day. One issue that senator Fischer s offering a solution to is equal pay. Instead of using the issue as a political football, that politicians on the left and right punt back and forth at each other while no help is given to women on pay, Senator Fischer has taken a different tack. She has offered solutions and ideas that have been embraced by Republicans and Democrats alike. Read about Senator Fischer’s work HERE:

Republican women providing real solutions facing America’s women. 

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  • Comment Link Thursday, 10 January 2013 20:10 posted by Richard Speth

    The California and NY Republicans have met a similar fate : insignificance. However we need a NGOP (new), actually one which follows the Republican principles so well described on your website. We need to educate the younger generations much better and through logical arguments and letters (to the editors) try to return voters to the party. Good Luck.

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