Novato Republican Women, Federated

November 17 Speaker

Sean Stephens,Sean Stephens
Marin County Veterans' Service Officer

NRWF Honors our Marin Veterans


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My name is Tamisha Pride and I work in the Detroit field office for the Republican Party. It wasn’t long ago that I considered myself a liberal. But that all changed when I had real conversations with local Republicans who blew all of tamisha GOPmy stereotypes about the Party out of the window.

As we discussed different topics and views, it finally hit home that we wanted the same things: fewer restrictions that hold people back and more jobs and opportunity for hard working Americans to succeed. When the opportunity to join the Republican Leadership Initiative came up, I jumped at the chance. My experience with the GOP has been a true pleasure and I look forward every day to help any way I can. They have been great partners in efforts to advance opportunity in my community. And, I am excited to join them to help more people understand what the Republican Party really stands for.  

If you are looking for ways to make a difference, this is your chance. Become an RLI Fellow and increase your impact this election. All of us together can make victory happen, one conversation at a time.

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Walter Williams, a renowned economist at George Mason University, answers this question.

Many people believe that free market capitalism is selfish, even immoral. They say it's about greed, about a hunger for money and power; that it helps the rich and hurts the poor. They're wrong. The free market is not only economically superior, it is morally superior to any other way of organizing economic behavior. Here's why.

The free market calls for voluntary actions between individuals. There's no coercion. In a free market, if I want something from you, I have to do something for you. Let's say I mow your lawn and you pay me twenty dollars. What does that twenty dollars really mean? When I go to the grocer and say, "I would like to have four pounds of steak" He, in effect, says to me, "You want a lot of people to serve you -- ranchers, truckers, butchers, and packagers. All these people have to be paid. What did you do to serve your fellow man?"

"Well," I say, "I mowed my fellow man's lawn." And the grocer says, "Prove it." Then I offer him the twenty dollars. Think of the money that you've earned as a certificate of performance. It's proof that you've served your fellow man.

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Flag ConstitutionThe Novato Republican Women will accept your tired and tattered American flag to be properly and respectfully disposed of. Send a message to the President under Contact Us, and we will arrange to take care of your flag.